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Home Communication Announcements Hong Kong Headquarters 75th Anniversary Celebration

Hong Kong Headquarters 75th Anniversary Celebration

Wu’s Tai Chi Chuan Academy Headquarters was established in 1937 by Grand Master Wu Kung Yi, and it would be its 75th anniversary in year 2012.   The Headquarters’ committee will be organizing an international event in Hong Kong to celebrate this important milestone, and would like to invite all our practitioners at all Wu’s Tai Chi Chuan Academy to join us.


The celebration event will start on May 17 in Hong Kong and end on May 27 in Singapore, the detailed agenda is attached.  Please review the agenda, plan your travel itinerary accordingly and participate in various celebration activities.   For enrollment, please follow the instructions to complete the enrollment process.

There are also 4 highlighted activities that requires you/your branch to coordinate and participate:

1) 75th Anniversary Celebration Dinner and Performances

2) The headquarters is pleased to announce that we are the Grading Institute of “Duan” of Wu’s Tai Chi for China Wushu Association.  Many of the Hong Kong academy’s practitioners, have successfully obtained various “Duan” certifications this summer.   Please see the “Duanwei” examination requirements in the attachment.

3) Pay respect to Grand Master Wu Kung Yi and Macau Tour

4) Our Singapore Academy will host an international competition, "22nd International Tai Chi Chuan Federation Competition 2012" for all the academies/branches.  The objectives of the competition are to improve inter-academy relationship, friendship and to learn from each other.   For details please refer to “Singapore Activities” attached

On behalf of the Headquarters and Grand Master Wu, I look forward to celebrating with you at our 75th anniversary.  For more information, please contact the academy at 2388-4381 or email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


17/5/2012 (Thu)        AM/PM    Overseas members arrival
19/5/2012 (Sat)         AM/PM    “Duan” Grading Examination
20/5/2012 (Sun)               PM    75th Anniversary Dinner
21/5/2012 (Mon)         AM/PM    Macau Tour (Highlight: pay respect to late Grand Master Wu Kung Yi)

Singapore oragnized events
23/5/2012 (Wed)         AM          Flights to Singapore
24/5 (Thu)                   AM/PM    Day Tour of Singapore
PM     Visit to Association and Weigh-In for Push Hands Competition
25/5 (Fri)                    6:30PM    Push Hands Competition Eliminations
26/5 (Sat)                   AM/PM    Form Competition, Push Hands Finals
PM    Founders Day Dinner    
27/5 (Sun)                  AM/PM    Leave Singapore


75th Anniversary Dinner
Fee: HK$650
Held at Maxim’s Restaurant at City Hall, Central.  There will be performances participated by academies around the world.  The admission price includes dinner and a copy of the 75th Anniversary book, valued at HK$350.
Tickets are on sale starting March 1 at the Academy Headquarters.


Duan Exam
Fee and enrollment: Please enquire at the Academy Headquarters.
Macau Tour
Fee: HK$ 900 (return fare,  tour,  lunch and dinner)


Singapore Activities

Land Package:
Fee: US$720 (Shared Accommodation at Furama Hotel and arranged activities)
Own expense on Airfare

Competition Only:
Fee: US$60 (per competitor) / US$100 (per group)
Founder’s Day Dinner Only:
Fee: S$100
Enrollment: Please enroll and make payment at Academy Headquarter before 3/15.


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