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75th Anniversary Celebration Activities

The Headquarters has kicked off the preparation work for 2012 75th Anniversary activiites.  The committee is finishing off the editing of the anniversary book, and established the event schedule.  For details and enrollment, please contact the headquarters.



17/5/2012 (Thur) AM/PM Overseas members arrival
18/5/2012 (Fri) AM Workshop by Grand Master Eddie Wu Kwong Yu
19/5/2012 (Sat) AM/PM “Duan” Grading Examination
20/5/2012 (Sun) AM Performance Rehearsal
PM Annual Dinner
21/5/2012 (Mon) AM/PM Macau Tour (Highlight: pay respect to late Grand Master Wu Kung Yi)
22/5/2012 (Tue) AM/PM Free Time
23/5/2012 (Wed) AM Flights to Singapore
24/5/2012 (Thur) AM/PM

9:00AM - 6:30PM  Singapore Day Tour

6:30PM  Visit Singapore Association and Weigh-In for Push Hands Competition

25/5/2012 (Fri) PM 6:30PM  Push Hands Competition Eliminations
26/5/2012 (Sat) AM/PM

9:30AM - 3:00PM  Form Competition and Push Hands Finals

7:30PM  Founders Day Dinner

27/5 (Sun) Leave Singapore
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