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Liu Kin Kwan (廖建鈞)







I joined Wu's Tai Chi Chuan Academy HK (Headquarter) in June 2009, when I was 11 years old. I started learning Tai Chi because my father, Liu Yuen Leung introduced to me. And now, all my family members have joined this big family.

I found learning Tai Chi was very hard for me at the beginning since it highly demands my concentration and memory. For instance, learning the beginners’ 108 Standard Forms, which is hard to achieve for a 11-year-old kid.

Master Wu Kwong Yu’s fruitful and concise teaching shows the philosophy, psychology and mechanics of Tai Chi. He is able to depict other aspect of Tai Chi, in which many people are not familiar with.

I benefit greatly through learning Tai Chi. It does not only help to lead a healthy life. It also makes me know a large variety of people.

In short, I would like to express my gratitude to my Master, who gives the chance to me to become one of his disciples in Hong Kong on 5th July, 2013.