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Au Ho Lun 區顥麟


我是為了身體健康而學習太極拳。在2010年7月,從電視上觀看了香港電台製作的一系列有關中國武術的節目“功夫傳奇”。其中一集“實戰太極”介紹了不同流派的太極拳,這節目確實令我對太極拳產生了興趣。從前太極拳給我的印象只是一般對身體有益的運動, 現在我覺得它更是帶有實戰功能的武術。當中我特別注意到具有悠久歷史與聲譽的吳家太極拳。





I learned Tai Chi Chuan simply for my health reasons.  In July 2010, I watched a documentary TV series “Kung Fu Quest” produced by RTHK.  In the episode “Real Combat – Tai Chi”, introduced different styles of Tai Chi Chuan. It did arouse my interest in Tai Chi Chuan and changed my impression on Tai Chi Chuan from solely an exercise for health to a kind of martial art with real combat.  Among all, I was greatly attracted by Wu’s style for their reputation and long history.

Thereafter, I enrolled the Tai Chi Chuan Class held in Jordan, Headquarters of Wu’s Tai Chi Chuan Academy, Hong Kong.  I started with 108 Standard Form Beginner’s class till now.  As long as I keep on practicing Tai Chi Chuan, I found it is not only good for physical health, but also mental health.  I feel relaxed and energetic after practicing it.

On 6th July 2013, I was very glad and honored to be admitted as one of the disciples of the Grand Master Eddie Wu Kwong Yu in Hong Kong.  I have to thank Sifu Eddie Wu Kwong Yu, Sikuotze Wu Hsia Fung, and all those Elders, Sihing and Sitze, for their patience and selfless guidance.

Lastly, thanks for Tai Chi Chuan.  It brings me life-long benefits.