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Fan Lin Chi 樊煉志


本人於大學畢業後,因工作繁忙而甚少運動,感覺身體好像越來越差, 恰巧得到朋友的介紹,在坊間的太極拳社學習吳式太極拳,學習兩年多後因種種 原因而停止了。 及於 2010 年,因幫助同事找太極拳資料而得知香港鑑泉太極拳 總社乃吳家太極拳的正宗承傳,使我再次提起學習太極拳的興趣。

於鑑泉太極拳總社學習期間,幸獲吳光宇掌門師父、吳小鳳師姑姐及各 位師兄師姐的悉心教導,令本人對吳家太極拳有更正確、更深入的體會,明白到 太極拳乃博大精深之武術,須不斷學習及鍛鍊。 於 2013 年,本人更深感榮幸, 承蒙掌門師父不棄,收納為徒。

After graduated from university, I had a busy working life. Due to lack of sports, my health seems got worse gradually, and I started to learn Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan in a kung fu learning centre which was introduced by my friend. However, I stopped learning after two years due to several reasons. In 2010, I came across Wu’s Tai Chi Chuan Academy Headquarters when I helped my colleagues to search information about Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan. The Academy promotes a direct lineage to traditional Tai Chi Chuan. It aroused my interest again and I started learning Tai Chi Chuan in Headquarters since then.

With the guidance from Grand Master Eddie Wu Kwong Yu, his sister Wu Hsia Fung Cynthia and other instructors, I learn a lot and have a more in-depth understanding about Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan. They also show me the right path to learn Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan. Actually, Tai Chi Chuan is a sophisticated martial arts, it requires continuous practice and lifelong learning. In 2013, it was my great honor to become one of the disciples of Grand Master Eddie Wu Kwong Yu.