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Kwong Fong Chiu 鄺坊照




When I was young, I actively participated in athletics and water sports teams, years after years of training till graduation. I did get sick but could be recovered within a few days. I was always confident I was strong and in good health.

In summer 2007, I suffered from a serious illness that I consciously looked for a sport and exercise to train up and to help me to recover my health.  I remembered years ago Sifu Eddie Wu Kwong Yu is the descendant of Wu’s style Tai Chi Chuan.  Thanks to and by the help of internet search engine I sought out and established contact with Wu’s Tai Chi Chuan Academy Headquarter in Hong Kong, and started practicing Tai Chi in September 2007.  My health condition has been improved and is steadily getting on track after years of Tai Chi Chuan practice.

To expressing my gratitude to Sifu Eddie Wu Kwong Yu, Master Cynthia Wu Hsia Fung, Senior Disciples Eugene Heung Lap Chi, Henry Chon Kit Leong teach me Tai chi movement forms using scientific, logical, practical and theoretical approaches and gradually lead me to the understanding of martial art, I also wish to thank all other Instructors who have given me guidance.  I was indeed much honored to be accepted to become the disciple of Sifu Eddie Wu in July, 2011.

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