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Wong Wing Hang 黃永亨


我於2009年底加入拳社, 起初只是想尋找一項可以輕鬆活動, 舒筋活絡的運動。但上課不久即發現, 太極拳遠不止此, 必需全心投入才有成果。
到2013年,承蒙師父收為徒弟, 對太極拳有進一步認識, 相信值得窮一生之力以求寸進。

I joined the academy at the end of 2009. At first I was only looking for a low impact sport like yoga so that I could flex some muscle and burn some calories form time to time. However, such belief did not last long, after a few  lessons I found out that Tai Chi is much more than I have expected, and deserved much more from me.

By 2013, I was honored to become Sifu's disciple. Since then, Tai Chi is opened to me door after door, path after path, which I believe will become a life-long quest.