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Jennifer Chung 鍾潔美



I have memories of tai chi from a young age, watching my father practice sword, knife and Tai Chi Chuan. Being so young at the time, I did not take much interest. However, at the end of 2009, shortly after my mother passed away, I suddenly felt a desire to learn tai chi. Joining Wu’s Tai Chi Chuan Academy, I discovered that this was in fact where my father had himself practiced tai chi. It was an unexpected link to the past which immediately bonded me to the academy.

My passion for Tai Chi Chuan was ignited by those who taught me in the Academy. Master Wu Hsia Fung taught me the original Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan form and sword. Many tai chi senior disciples guided and taught me. Gatekeeper Wu Kwong Yu gave in depth teachings every class. While I have learnt so much, I realize that my understanding of tai chi has only just begun.

In 2003, I was accepted as a disciple of Gatekeeper Wu Kwong Yu. Given this honor, I will continue to practice and pass on the knowledge of Wu Style Tai Chi.