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Jeff Chui 徐成業

I joined the academy in Hong Kong July 2003. When I started, Tai Chi Chuan to me was a low-impact exercise that helped me flex my muscles and ligaments. To cut a long story short, I soon realized that it was a sophisticated martial art, and the benefits to ones body and soul were invaluable.

In January 2004, Sifu Eddie Wu came to the Hong Kong academy to supervise our practice. I was amazed at how much I gained through his brief but pin pointed instructions, more importantly, I admired his spirit in sharing his knowledge in Tai Chi Chuan and spreading this martial art philosophy to the people who were willing to learn.

Came October 2004, I was extremely honored to become Sifu Wu’s first batch of disciples in Hong Kong. I was not the most brilliant learner in Tai Chi Chuan, but Sifu believed it was fate that we cross our paths. I have never studied any martial arts nor dreamt of learning Tai Chi Chuan during my 14 years in Toronto, and yet I took it up in Hong Kong as my friend Eugene, now my eldest Sihing (1st Hong Kong disciple of Sifu Wu), strongly encouraged me to experience it myself.

With the introduction of Tai Chi Chuan to my life, I came to realize it was an art which helped me on mental relaxation and physical co-ordination, a real tonic for work life balance.